Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beta update: fixed serious crash and playback stutter

Time for a new beta release.

Had to rush this one out since the last beta release contained some really nasty bugs. First of all there was a bug causing a crash whenever a song ended and a new one was supposed to be played. Secondly, there was some serious stutter in the playback whenever the UI was under heavy load. Lastly, there was a bug causing the playlists not to appear when they were selected.

All of these were pretty serious (there's also to bug fixes regarding the context menu of tracks and one fixing missing search indicators on playlists, but they were pretty minor) so I just had to push out a fix before the end of the day.

A big hat tip to our wonderful beta tester Hylton for quickly finding these bugs and reporting them. The upgrade has been pushed out and should arrive on your computers the next time you start Stoffi.