Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beta update: bug fixes and one intelligent queue

It's time for yet another beta upgrade. Stoffi got heavily tested by our dear beta tester Hylton a couple of days ago and I've finally been able to fix them all. A whopping 35 bugs has been squashed along with some minor tweaks to make the interface a bit more consistent and responsive (especially in the new cloud department).

I know that this is beta, but when I got this awesome feature request I just couldn't resist. I had to implement it.

Now, when you queue stuff, Stoffi will know in which order you selected the tracks and put them in the queue in that order. So if you hold down the Shift key and select some four tracks in random order, then right-click and select Queue, the tracks will be in the queue with the track you selected first in the top spot and the track you selected last in the last spot. No matter the order of the tracks in the actual list. Pretty awesome.

This is the forth beta of our upcoming new version of Stoffi and I will continue to hope (as I always do) that it will be the last before we can go stable. But if you find any bugs or problems, report them and I'll fix them. Stable should mean something. :)


(Oh, and as always, Stoffi will upgrade itself automatically if you're on the beta channel, otherwise you can get Stoffi Beta here.)