Sunday, May 6, 2012

Internet radio streaming

Just got some very cool new feature implemented in Stoffi: Internet Radio Streaming.

This feature was requested about a year ago but I've finally found the time to get around fixing it. The result is pretty neat.

First of all there's a new navigation item on the left hand called "Radio" where all your radio stations will appear. We plan on adding some preloaded stations later on but now you'll have to add each station manually. You do this by clicking on "Add" and then choose "Radio station".

A dialog will appear where you can enter the URL for the radio station. Stoffi will take either the direct URL to the stream, or the URL to a playlist (such as .pls or .m3u) which contains the streaming URL. If you keep the dialog open it will show the title of the radio station once it has loaded. If you close it by clicking Add before the station has been fully loaded (it may take a while depending on your Internet connection), the mouse cursor will change to indicate that it's loading and once finished the new station (or stations, if the playlist contains multiple stations) will appear in the list.

This is pretty basic stuff. What you expect from a music player able to stream Internet radio. But things get pretty cool when you combine this with the awesome power of Stoffi. One example is that you can create a fairly mixed queue with local files, YouTube tracks and a radio station.

This should arrive in the alpha channel pretty soon. I will probably release it some time after I release some beta stuff.

In the meantime you can help me by suggesting some radio stations we should ship with Stoffi. The more stations we have the better. What station do you want to see preloaded in Stoffi?