Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Dance Controller: Introduction

It's another great moment for Stoffi. I have once again been able to combine my love for this music player with my studies. This semester is the last one before I get my bachelor degree in computer science here at Uppsala University and my thesis will be to bring some really kick-ass awesomeness to Stoffi: I will make to increase the volume the more you dance for it!

My thesis is being done under the department of human-computer interaction and I will use the Kinect for Windows hardware from Microsoft. Unsurprisingly the SDK is only available for Windows but there are some third party stuff out there which mean I can bring this to more platforms in the future if there's time and a desire for it. Always good to know.

The work will be going on for about ten weeks and I am starting on May 21st with two weeks of structuring and planning. This will be followed by three weeks of designing and implementing a library. If there's time I will integrate this into Stoffi, but I am prioritizing down this since the main goal will be to create the actual cool algorithms which will analyse your movements. I can always integrate it with Stoffi later if I need to.

This means that I will extend our existing plugin platform to allow for a new class of plugins: manipulation plugins. I thought stuff like this (volume manipulation), pitching, auto-tune, and so on could go into that category.

Just as with our Hackathon in 2011 there will be a report each week were I will summarize the work done, any challenges I encountered and also give a prognosis of how the coming week will go.