Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alpha update: file associations, plugin management and SoundCloud

Time for yet another update to the alpha channel. This one contains some really major cool stuff.

File assocations

Stoffi will now show a task dialog when you run it the first time. It will let you either set Stoffi as your default music player (associating Stoffi with all extensions and URL protocols it can handle), choose yourself which associations you want to do, or skip the step entirely.

Quickly make Stoffi your default music player.

In addition to the usual file extensions such as mp3 and ogg Stoffi will now also register itself for some URL protocols. These includes playlist://, soundcloud:// and youtube://. This will allow us to post links and share music online and have it play in Stoffi with just a click.

Plugin management

Manage and configure plugins.

Plugin management has been improved with a dedicate page on the control panel where you can see all installed plugins, install new plugins or uninstall them. Plugins can now also define some settings which will be displayed when the plugin is selected in the list.


Stream music from SoundCloud.

You can now stream SoundCloud music directly in Stoffi! This one is really awesome and has made me discover SoundCloud for the first time. There's some really cool indie music there that I think a lot of you will enjoy. It works pretty much the same as our existing YouTube streaming instead it won't show a video. 

Radio stations

Listen to Internet radio.

I also added Internet radio streaming. You can add radio stations by pasting the URL. I plan on adding some stations which will ship with Stoffi so you can get access to some fine music streaming directly out of the box.

Other noteworthy stuff

What's the average size of my music files?

A pretty nice feature is that you can now check out the average length of the tracks in your Party playlist, or check out the total size of your music files. The details pane has been improved to show details for all items in the navigation pane.