Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beta update: minor stability fixes

Time for yet another update to the beta. This time I've fixed a number of smaller bugs that have been found in the beta. Most notable is an added buffer to the synchronization which increases performance and stability in the sync system.

There's also some improvements to the volume slider which can now be used easier with the arrow keys. A rare crash during YouTube search has also been fixed as well as a crash when a library was changed outside Stoffi and for some reason Windows wasn't able to determine the library's type.

I've also fixed a crash which occurred if you dropped a bunch of files into Stoffi from the Explorer window when there was a scan already in progress.

Most of these bugs are small and/or rare which is a clear indication that the beta is becoming stable. Hopefully we can release all these new changes into the stable channel very soon. Please help us test out the new stuff, especially the new cloud stuff: sync, remote control, login, registration, facebook/twitter/google linking, etc.

I am also preparing a new update of the alpha version of Stoffi which will introduce quite a lot of new, fun stuff for you. Stay tuned!