Monday, July 2, 2012

Project Dance Controller: Report 6

This post is part of Project Dance Controller.

It's a bachelor thesis project with the aim of letting the quantity of dance movements in the room control the volume level using the Kinect for Windows hardware.

You can read all reports here.

Last week

I have now extended the plugin platform of Stoffi to allow for a new kind of plugins called "Filters" which essentially are allowed to control and modify various aspects of the audio stream. I have specified the plugin base so it can add various distortions and manipulations but only implemented the actual volume modification into the audio stream itself.

I have added plugin labels so this plugin can show the status of the Kinect device. I also added a new type of setting: slider. It is created by adding a double or integer setting and setting a maximum value. I use this setting to allow the user to specify between which levels of volume that the plugin should operate.

Oh, and I have named the plugin "Shake It!".

Here's a screenshot of the new plugin management panel along with my current skeleton Shake It! plugin (named "Skaka Rumpa!" in Swedish).

I have pushed the documentation writing into next week. I will go on a trip to Skåne then and the car ride will be about 10 hours so writing documentation and the report will be the perfect activity in the car.


As usual the biggest challenge has been finding time. The technical part has been flowing very efficiently and great. Not a lot of problems actually.

This week

I will do my best to finish the plugin and incorporate the dance analyzer library into the plugin this week. When that is done all that is left is writing the report and filling out some of the documentation on the wiki.


Time, as usual. But I am actually doing pretty well and haven't fallen behind schedule yet so getting these last four weeks together will hopefully not be much of a problem.