Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Dance Controller: Report 7

This post is part of Project Dance Controller.

It's a bachelor thesis project with the aim of letting the quantity of dance movements in the room control the volume level using the Kinect for Windows hardware.

You can read all reports here.

Last week

Last week I was on a trip to southern Sweden. So that's why there was no report last Monday. This report will thus be about the week before that.

I managed to get the plugin ready and connected to the volume of Stoffi. I have tested the plugin with 1-5 people and it is working pretty well. There's an issue when the computer goes into hibernation and comes back. This will for some reason cause the volume to stagnate around 4 (of max 10). I have no idea why and will not dive into investigating this issue before I hand in the work.

I did not fully implement the new "Filter" type plugin. I have created hooks to allow the plugin to specify various distortions and manipulations such as echo, pitch, etc. I have, however, not connected these hooks to the audio stream.


I must admit that I am a bit chocked that the work has progressed so smoothly so far. When the plugin system was extended to allow plugins to alter the volume I could create a plugin and use the DanceAnalyzer library in one day. The majority of the time was spent trying to find good default value for sensitivity and viscosity (resistance to change).

This week

I will now start to write the report. This is what will happen both this week and the next. I aim at having a least more than half but preferably all of the report done by Sunday. That way I can spend most of next week polishing the report, tying up all the documentation, and package the library.


Same as always: trying to find enough time. Having a 5 month child is a lot of work but I remain optimistic. I have two weeks left, the report has already been started and I have weekly reports which I can use.