Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Dance Controller: Report 8

This post is part of Project Dance Controller.

It's a bachelor thesis project with the aim of letting the quantity of dance movements in the room control the volume level using the Kinect for Windows hardware.

You can read all reports here.

Last week

Nothing but report writing. I have managed to get the first three chapters done:

  1. Introduction
    1. Background
    2. Problem description
    3. Related research
  2. Application Programming Interface
  3. Implementation
    1. Device detection
    2. Depth data
    3. Motion analysis
Left now is the chapters that describe integration with Stoffi, results and conclusions.

I have also added some more references, now up to 15 papers, articles and books.


Finding time and usual but getting the correct wording is hard. I will iterate over the text when it's done and try to improve on some areas where the phrasing might be a bit too informal. It's always good to look at something twice.

This week

I will have the report finished by Friday and use the weekend to polish everything up a bit.


Time, time and time. But lack of that hasn't stopped me before. :)