Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fixed some bugs and found a small issue on Windows 8.1

I haven't been active much since my second kid arrived. While it's a lot of fun (and work) having two kids, it's also a little sad that I can't work on this project as much.

But I did find some time this week to fix a few bugs that were reported by users, causing crashes. Most were related to the thread handling in the background scanner but I also detected a bug in the Properties window which could cause the player to crash.

I actually tested this on Windows 8.1 (since the reports were coming in from users running Windows 8). Since I am still running Windows 7, I haven't been able to test Stoffi very much on Windows 8.

I did notice that YouTube playback doesn't work. I think it is related to the fact that Internet Explorer 11 ships with Adobe Flash built in, but the .NET framework still only gives me an outdated Internet Explorer for embedding in the application. So you can't install Flash (since it ships with Windows) but Stoffi can't use it because it's not allowed to access the newer versions of Internet Explorer. A bit of a problem!

I think the solution is to move away from using Internet Explorer and instead embed Chrome. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but last time I tried the embedded Chrome browser was a little buggy. Hopefully it's better now and I can use it instead. This would mean a lot for me since it has been really tough working with Internet Explorer 7 as the embedded browser. It's extremely outdated and it's a real shame that Microsoft doesn't give us a better browser for embedding into WPF applications.

Anyway, the new version of Stoffi is out now. Nothing fancy but less bugs and crashes is always nice.